Sustainable & Social

Well done! – this is the denominator we use for all our sustainable and social initiatives. On this page, you will find more information about our socially responsible initiatives.

A long time ago, Stayokay made a conscious commitment to sustainable entrepreneurship – which is beneficial for society and the environment. We strive to become the Netherlands’ most sustainable ho(s)tel chain as well as a CO2-neutral organisation. Stayokay works hard to save energy and water and to reduce waste. And health and wellness (for our guests and our colleagues) are also on our agenda too.

Stayokay battles against the plastic soup!

Did you know that the average person throws away around 80 plastic water bottles a year? Let’s do something about it! Our project Message on a Bottle has been nominated for the Hostelling International Sustainability Fund. With the prize money (€11,000), we would like to invest in water taps in our hostels and in stimulating our guests to use reusable water bottles.

A climate-neutral stay

Will you help us?

By paying an extra fee of €0.20 per person per night when you are booking your stay, you will be able to compensate for your stay’s CO2 emission. We use the total amount to make all energy green; we invest it in wind power. By using green energy, we directly decrease our impact on the natural resources of the earth and our CO2 emission is lowered. Will you help us?

Want to know more? Read it here.

Energy, water, waste and health & wellness

Stayokay’s sustainable themes

These are the four main themes of Well done! and they play an important part in Stayokay’s CSR policy. For each main theme, objectives have been set that will eventually contribute to a more sustainable Stayokay. All Stayokay’s employees have also joined forces and are thinking along. This is why one of Stayokay’s ambitions is: becoming the most sustainable ho(s)tel chain in the Netherlands!

WaterSpaarders (WaterSavers): will you make a difference?

Taking a 5-minute shorter shower = less waste of energy

The WaterSpaarders programme has the objective to encourage people to take shorter showers. Taking a 5-minute shower is plenty, and, by doing this, we can save a lot of (hot) water and therefore energy together! Our hostels have organised fun workshops for children, pupils and their parents to make them aware of this.

Become a WaterSpaarder!

Delicious and fair-trade food & drink

Tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner

After a wonderful day full of adventure, you can enjoy one of our delicious sustainable meals that have been prepared with care. You can enjoy breakfast buffet, a lunch buffet or packed lunch or a delicious 3-course dinner buffet with an extensive range of organic products. Of course, we don't like wasting food, so take an extra trip to the buffet rather than putting too much on your first plate. Stayokay represents sustainable meals with good quality.

European Eco-label

The number-one label for environmentally friendly products and services

In 2008, Stayokay was the first accommodation provider to receive the European Eco-label. This is the number-one label for environmentally friendly products and services, which means our operational management is environmentally friendly. For example, we separate waste, use wind energy and all our printed materials comply with a quality seal.

Stay4all. Everyone to school camp

Support our good cause Stay4all

Thanks to Stay4all, every child will in the future be able to go on school camp; no-one will stay behind. More and more often, pupils have to stay at home because their parents are unable to pay for school camp. Stay4all intends to prevent this by covering the cost of these pupils’ stay so that the whole class is able to go to school camp. Companies that use Stayokay’s meeting rooms automatically support Stay4all; for each meeting room arrangement, one euro goes to this good cause.