City Hostels in The Netherlands

Just like our hostels, every city has its own charm. Whether you're heading out with your partner, family, or friends. Go on a city trip and stay at one of our hostels!

The cities in The Netherlands have so much to offer, and we're excited to have you stay over as you explore Dutch culture, backpack packed as you stroll through our streets, and enjoy local delicacies.

How about Holland!

Come to Holland for your next city break and discover Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Utrecht, The Hague or Haarlem. Where are you headed?

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3 Amsterdam Hostels

Explore the city bursting with culture and activities. Amsterdam is such a well-known city, we almost think it doesn't need an introduction!

Explore the canals, eat typically Dutch dishes, and visit the Rijksmuseum's Nightwatch. With three unique locations across Amsterdam, we'll make sure there is a spot  that meets your wishes.

Explore Amsterdam

The Hague

A city and... a beach? Explore The Hague, a city trip and beach trip in one.

Imagine this: A city bursting with culture, countless museums, and palaces that will be a sight for sore eyes. Did The Hague pop up in your head? Then you'd be right! The third-biggest city in Holland isn't just a great place to soak up some Dutch culture, it's also the seat of its government. Our recently-renewed hostel is only a short walk away from Hollands Spoor station, well-located for you to explore all the city highlights.

Den Haag is also home to one of the most popular beaches and piers of The Netherlands, Scheveningen. Make sure to visit the Ferris wheel if you go. End the day with a cool drink on our terrace on the canal. Our staff will make sure you enjoy your stay!

(Closed from 3 Oct 2021 - 28 Feb 2022 for renovation)

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The Northern city with Southern charm.

Want to be in easy reach of plenty of Dutch highlights like the Dutch windmills at De Zaanse Schans and the bulb fields? Stayokay Haarlem is unique for the visitors that want to explore further than a city. Visit our hostel, especially its charming brown café Shuffle. The bar even offers unique cocktails, why not try them out?

Rent a bicycle with us and cycle through the famous Dunes of The Netherlands, or visit the beach. There is enough to do, and enough to see.

Visit the golden streets of Haarlem, and be surprised by all that it has to offer.

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Located along the river Maas, Stayokay Maastricht is the perfect base for your city trip!

With its medieval architecture, Gothic-style church, and plenty of beer-tasting opportunities, Maastricht has something that will surely pique your interest.

Stroll through the cobblestone streets, or along the Maas, and visit all the tourist attractions. Think of the Instagram-worthy Dominicanen bookstore, a bookstore built into an old church that should definitely be on your bucketlist, or climb the Saint John's-church's red tower to see the city from above. For the beer-lovers among us, be sure to taste some authentic ales during your visit.

After a very eventful day, sit down at one of the many terraces around the city, or settle on our own terrace along the Maas. We're there to make sure you have a good time.

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Stay the night in Rotterdam's famous cube houses!

The cube houses of Rotterdam are often called 'a nightmare to furnish'. Luckily, you can skip that step! Spend the night in one of Rotterdam's famous Cube Houses, and explore its lively and modern culture firsthand.

There's an endless list of things to do in The Netherlands' second greatest city, its charm lies in the modern architecture and lively culture. Your hostel is only a four-minute walk away from the brightly-coloured market hall of Rotterdam. Explore all the food the stalls have to offer, or walk a little bit further and visit one of the many museums that Rotterdam hosts.

And if you're up for it, rent a bicycle with us and see even more!

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A modern hostel in the heart of The Netherlands.

There's nothing as central in the Netherlands as Utrecht! Its charming streets with canals will guide you right to the Dom tower, the main attraction of the city and the tallest church tower in The Netherlands. Our recently-built hostel is only a short walk away from anything you might want to see, thanks to its central location. It even lies on the Neude, a square with plenty of opportunities to enjoy a drink. For eating, we can give you plenty of recommendations, including our own restaurant, The 5th!

When walking gets repetitive, rent a bicycle with us and cycle around Utrecht, or take one of the many canal tours, and see Utrecht from a different perspective. We're certain you'll be just as charmed by Utrecht as we are. The reception will be happy to give you plenty of recommendations for the area.

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